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Ramon van Opdorp

The interest for "military" aviation, was already there when I still had to make my first steps, due to the fact I lived near the NATO E-3A AWACS base Geilenkirchen, Germany. My military aviation photography interest started after I had visited the Open door days of the RNLAF at Eindhoven in 1993, with the first close encounter with a USAF F-117A Nighthawk, a French Navy F-8E Crusader and a Hungarian AirForce Mig-23.

Military Aviation Photography for me includes, vintage warbirds, civil display aircrafts and modern military aircrafts during airshows or exercises. Special interest for me are the display teams, which show the high discipline and tight, but controlled formations, and therefore I'm fascinated by the magic of the display teams. Base visits give me a chance to talk to pilots and to get in close with the action, and to photograph in the aircrafts natural surroundings, and way from the public and barriers. I am constantly looking for opportunities to enhance my portfolio with great photographs and exclusive written features & interviews.

I took a lot of photographs over the years, but the photographs did not turn out quite as good as I would have liked to. I decided to improve my photography and began educating myself by studying the work of established photographers and reading how-to articles. I'm of course still learning, and will do this for the rest of my life. I started in 1993 with a the Pentacon super, which was replaced by a Minolta 404SI with a Tamron 28-300/3.5-6.3 XR lens after some years. Since April 2005 i'm using the Minolta Dynax 7D Digital camera, which was shortly followed by the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 & A700.

My goal with each photograph is to fully express the essence of the subject at hand. By exploring and experimenting, I post-process the image as far as possible while attempting to maintain the original integrity of the shot. Each photograph gets his own identity and look. I'm always curious and very interested in the scene behind airshows and exercises. This is now expressed besides photographing by interviewing fighter pilots, and the pilots of the solo display and display teams. With the interviews I try to offer coverage of the contemporary military aviation scene, in a different & exclusive perspective. His personal website can be found at: www.scorpionaviation.com

By selecting this PDF file you can find most of the personal information available of this member. A exclusive view is given into the military aviation photography world, via a interview that explains some of the techniques and settings used by this member. And furthermore can you find here information regarding published work, aircrafts he has flown in and much more.