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Mike Jorgensen

British based photographer Mike Jorgensen not only enjoys photographing aircraft, but as an experienced commercial and military pilot he also loves to fly them. With his extensive training and background in aviation, he has been authorised to fly during actual low level formation flights, with his camera in hand, during flights which would not normally be authorised to carry passengers. Whilst he has a 'fairly high' G-tolerance, he is also happy to conduct photography during negative G manouevres - if the situation demands it.

Mike gained his Commercial Pilot's Licence in 1995, and worked as an instructor in Australia. In 1996 he moved to New Zealand, trained through the RNZAF Pilot's course, and was posted onto the Aermacchi MB-339 to continue his training. The variety of training including air to air, air to ground, and other roles, meant that Mike's G-tolerance and safety at low level was tested daily. Follwoing the disbandment of the Strike Role squadrons (and a future F-16 job), Mike moved to the United Kingdom and joined the Royal Air Force as a multi-engine pilot. Posted onto the VC-10 aircraft he flew a variety of sorties around the world, including air to air refuelling missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falkland Islands. Mike prefers to fly with professional military pilots, who can fly in close formation safely, and is happy to do the more extreme manoueveres in order to get a more 'action' orientated shot of the aircraft and to better illustrate it's capabilities. He particularly enjoys taking photographs in the vertical - whether pointing up or down...

In order to compile material for an upcoming aviation book, Mike has been fortunate to have flown with the USN Blue Angels, RAF Red Arrows, Patrouille Suisse, and the Breitling team. He also enjoys flying with colourful aerobatic aircraft, warbirds, and helicopters. His current 'dream sheet' of future military photo sorties includes (but is not limited to) the F-16 Falcon, F-22 Raptor, AH-64 Apache and the Harrier. His personal website can be found at: www.actionairimages.com/

By selecting this PDF file you can find most of the personal information available of this member. A exclusive view is given into the military aviation photography world, via a interview that explains some of the techniques and settings used by this member. And furthermore can you find here information regarding published work, aircrafts he has flown in and much more.