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Greg L. Davis

Greg L. Davis is one of the world's leading aerial photographers and aviation photojournalists. He specializes in the coverage of aviation topics for editorial publication and his photos, aside from accompanying his articles, are used frequently for product promotion and advertising.

His career began nearly 20 years ago with a report on the local Air National Guard unit near his home in San Antonio, TX. In just a few years, he rose to the top of the aviation photography world while flying with all branches of the U.S. forces in various aircraft. From 1996-2004 Greg served in the USAF as an aerial/combat photographer and Military Photojournalist. Recognized with numerous awards, he is a graduate of the prestigious Military Photojournalism Course at Syracuse University. As a winged aircrew member and combat photographer, he participated in many noteworthy flights to include combat missions over Bosnia, Kosovo, the Middle East and after Sept. 11, 2001, he flew combat air patrol missions in both the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon. He is the only official photographer to have flown in both primary USAF jet fighters to conduct these patrols. He also shot official aerial photos for the various USAF jet demo teams (A-10, F-15, F-16) and was the official aerial photographer for the Inaugural Tiger Meet of the America's in 2001 and the USAF Heritage Conference in 2001 & 2002.

Even during his military service, Greg continued his civilian aviation photography career while flying with civilian jet demonstration teams and covering military units during his off-duty time. Since leaving the military in 2004, Greg has continued covering the exciting world of military aviation and shooting promotional photos for airshow performers and on-assignment for numerous well-known magazines. He also shoots promotional photos for select Air Forces and military demo teams. With almost 20 years of aviation reporting and more than 800 aerial photography flight hours, Greg continues to work hard to document the people and machines in-action for readers worldwide.

Greg authored the book Shock and Awe-Aircraft, Nose-Art and Mission Marks of Operations Enduring/Iraqi Freedom published by Two Bobs Aviation Graphics and co-authored the Squadron/Signal book F/A-18 Hornet Walk-Around. He is currently working on his next titles. Greg has a Bachelor's degree in Communication--Journalism track--from the University of Maryland University College. He currently lives in Central Texas with his wife and young daughters. His personal website can be found at: www.focalplaneimagery.com

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