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It is not a matter of faithful reproduction of a jet as a subject in the framework of an illustrated report. But most of the time to only use the photography as a technique close to painting, to express your own feeling and sensibility.

It means that whatever kind of tips and tricks you can get about a camera, light and speed. You will probably never watch the same thing, it gives the infinite possibility to enjoy the aero world in which you immerse with such a pleasure.

Being a female photographer in this world of dominant male pilots, adds just that extra touch of fun... After the first step of proving that you have a professional attitude, taking care of safety issues and taking part of their job, without disturbing their normal progress. You can enjoy after the suspicion the pleasure of smiles and above all if your are patient they will forget you and you will catch the spark in their fighter eyes. In a second step you can manage to compare your photos with what they see with their own pilots eyes...they will not take care of light of the ice on the fuselage because they will take it off with their hands before climbing in the jet...they will not look at the gold metal lines because on their turn around. Safety and not beauty will be their priority….even the curves of the jets could be more feminine than they thought may be sightless by the power... so many different points of view to share in a debriefing in a universal language!!

The choice of subject will be guided by the chance to get as close as possible with the jets and by their graphic lines in the different kinds of light from the sun rise to the middle of the night...and even the season and the country will have their words to tell. Gold metal in the south sunset is a jewel, but a soft canopy in a ray of light will underline the delicacy of the jet silhouettes. You can choose to produce your own situation or just take advantage of the real life base that's what I enjoy the most, more natural and richer in variety. I always keep this feeling in my heart that passion in aviation is a gift.