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What are we
The Military Aviation Photographer Society is a platform, established to benefit military aviation photojournalists. The society gives the opportunity for military aviation photographers to exchange information and ideas about a variety of different topics that are related to military aviation photography. MAPS is also a strong platform to serve the military aviation industry and other sources, and provides a
major international forum for the art and science of military aviation photography.

How we're organized
The idea was born by Rick Llinares who wanted to establish a platform to benefit military aviation photographers exclusively. Fellow shooter and web wizard Ramon van Opdorp provided the expertise to create the MAPS website with the articles and interviews of the best aviation photographers around. The plans for a dedicated website and forum for M.A.P.S were established at 01 November 2006, with the participation of a small, but dedicated group of established aviation photojournalists. Including well known photographers like Rogier Westerhuis, Steve Davies, Greg L. Davis, Tyson V. Rininger and Mike Jorgensen. More and more photographers are at this moment also involved and interested in becoming a member of M.A.P.S like Jose M Ramos, Guy Aceto and Luigino Caliaro.

What we do
M.A.P.S provides an open exchange of information on the military aviation photography industry ethics and standards, business practices, and needs created by new technology. We inform and educate eachother via the forum and via conferences. Each member has to handle in accordance with a Code of Ethics to ensure a professional organization held in high esteem by the military aviation industry.

All members of M.A.P.S provide and produce articles and reports to be published in the Webzine, and by this creating a portfolio for prospective clients. All articles are provided with the best high quality photographs of several topics that cover the military aviation.
Webzine issues are published four times a year, and can be expected at the end of January, April, July, and October.

A portfolio is present on the M.A.P.S website from all the members, which includes a top three of their best photographs, an overview of magazines and air forces that they have worked with, an overview of all the articles that they have published in the M.A.P.S Webzine. And to get a sneek preview in the used settings and techniques, is also an interview included.

If required high quality prints of the images shown on this website can be purchased. The images contained within this site may not be used, commercially or otherwise, in any form including, but not restricted to, the Internet, magazines and books without prior permission.

How to become a member?
To become a member of the "Military Aviation Photographers Society", a certain level of credential and demonstrable experience and track record in shooting military aviation subjects have to be established. When becoming a member you have to sign a code of ethics, to uphold and dignify the reputation of M.A.P.S and refrain from conduct that could harm any future opportunities for other members. Every member also has to agree to share his knowledge and skills with the fellow members to help increase the level of M.A.P.S's knowledge base. Every new member will be screened by Ramon van Opdorp and Rick Llinares, to check background and credentials.

Copyrights & Privacy
All photographs you find on this website are protected by worldwide copyright laws. The viewer is not allowed to publish these photographs in any other media including websites without permission by owner of the photograph. If there are photographs on this website that you want to use for any publishing, than please contact this website first. Further reproducing, copying, publishing or re-transmitting these photographs is prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in copyright, trademark, or other property rights violation. By downloading photographs, the viewer is in effect, duplicating the image, which goes against all copyright laws. This website is protected under International Copyright Law. The entire site including, but not limited to, design, content, images and elements are the soul property of the owner and designer of MAPS. Reproducing, copying or redistributing anything without expressed written permission of the owner/author is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.