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Tucked away in the quiet, rural setting in Mississippi is Columbus Air Force Base, the home of the 14th Flying Training Wing which is part of the US Air Force's Air Education and Training Command. The installations history dates back to World War II when the War Department established the Army Air Field in June of 1941 to meet the growing demand for fighter and bomber aircrews. The base was not actually named until 1942 after Captain Sam Kaye, a World War I flying ace from the Columbus area. By the end of the war over 7,000 pilots went through Columbus and received their wings and commissions.

In subsequent years the base became home to KC-135 and B-52 aircraft as part of the Strategic Air Command. After 14 years as a SAC base, Columbus AFB went back to training pilots as part of the Air Training Command operating (as it does today) a variety of aircraft types in the training role. The 14th Training Wing's mission is to "Build the World's best warriors, leaders and professional military pilots". The Wing operates four types of aircraft, the T-6A Texan II which is a single engine, two seat primary trainer used for teaching fledgling pilots the basics. The program is called the Joint Primary Pilot Training or JPPT. To quote the official fact sheet "The T-6A will be used to train JPPT students, providing the basic skills necessary to progress to one of four training tracks: the Air Force bomber-fighter or the Navy strike track, the Air Force airlift-tanker or Navy maritime track, the Air Force or Navy turboprop track and the Air Force-Navy helicopter track."

The Wing also operates the sleek T-38 Talon trainer for the more advanced aspect of pilot training. The Talon is a very fast, twin seat aircraft capable taking the students from the T-6 to the next level as they make their way into a possible fighter aircraft slot. The venerable T-37 Tweet is being retired from service but can still be seen in the skies over Columbus training future pilots as it has done since 1955. For those pilots that will be flying tanker or airlift aircraft such as the C-17, the T-1A Jayhawk is sued for initial training.

The 14th Training Wing consists of the 14th operations Group, the 14th Mission Support Group as well as various staff agencies. The flying elements of the Wing are found within the Operations Group and include the 37th, 41st, 43rd, 48th, 49th and 50th Training Squadrons.